Drug Detox Centers

Written by Michael Federico
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Drug detox centers in the United States have seen a steady rise in painkiller addiction among patients over the past decade. As the drug companies vie for dominance over the market, producing countless variations on the same pill, doctors are prescribing pain medication to more patients than ever before. This has led to the increase in addiction cases, and it has seen the success rate of many drug detox centers decline..

In the past, most drug detox centers took a very general approach towards treatment. They focused on psychological counseling, often taking the form of group therapy, or they treated symptoms of withdrawal with medications that were, at times, addictive themselves. However, advances in technology and breakthroughs in opiate addiction research have led to the development of new treatment methods.

ANR at Drug Detox Centers

Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR) is a medical technique that attempts to cleanse the brain's opiate receptors while the patient sleeps under anesthesia. After waking, the body is free of physical addiction and the patient has, for all intents and purposes, slept through the withdrawal period. Drug detox centers that specialize in ANR consistently report higher success rates in treating cases of painkiller and other opiate addictions.

With techniques such as The Waismann Method, ANR is followed by up to a year of after-care. During this time, patients are prescribed Naltrexone, a non-addictive, non-mood altering opiate inhibitor. The medication, coupled with continued counseling, is employed to keep a patient from returning to their habit after they have left the drug detox center.

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