Drug Rehab Programs

Written by Christa Gatewood
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While the goal of all drug rehab centers is to get drug addicts sober and into recovery, some centers take it a little further. These centers seek to improve the quality of the addict's life after recovery. Through a series of programs, the recovering addict will be taught skills that can be used in all aspects of their life to make it better.

Creating a Better Life After Recovery

People who become drug addicts are typically deficient in a number of life skills or have not been able to implement them fully. For example, addicts may not be able to identify the qualities in other people that are negative and/or anti-social. For that reason, they may fall into a "bad crowd" and push away people who love them. Some rehab centers have courses that can help an addict identify what type of person they should form relationships with in order to help maintain sobriety.

There are also programs that can help addicts dig deeper into their psyches and teach the addict how to express repressed feelings. For example, drug addicts may have been caught up in a cycle of unethical behavior in order to cover up and maintain their addictions. They may be lying, cheating and stealing all because of their addiction. Ultimately, it is the people who are closest to them that are hurt the most. Consequently, the addict feels intense feelings of guilt. That guilt is locked away inside them and can interfere with the recovery process.

In a rehab program that address this cycle of unethical behavior, an addict can pinpoint the times when they have behaved unethically and what the repercussions were from that action. This can be a cathartic experience because addicts are in effect confessing their transgressions and releasing the guilt associated with them. With the guilt out of the way, they can focus on recovery.

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