Drug Rehabilitation

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Drug rehabilitation may be for some the only way to stay out of prison. In many cases drug use leads to criminal activity. Drug addicts may be so desperate for their drug of choice that they will steal in order to get it. A drug addict might also be caught in possession of an illegal drug or driving under the influence and get in criminal trouble in those ways. Whatever the offense, drug use can send you to jail for quite a long time.

Drug Rehabilitation Can Keep You Out of Jail

In some cases the judge may mandate that a criminal go to drug rehab as a condition of probation. This is the lucky way out. Rehab is far better than jail and it is an opportunity for an addict to turn his or her life around in a positive way. If you have gotten into trouble with the law because of drugs, you should be trying to make this happen.

If it is unlikely that the court will order you to rehab, another option is to go voluntarily. Judges will most likely grant a continuance for a case if the defendant is in rehab. Moreover, getting clean is a great show of good faith effort that will go far in most courtrooms.

If you have gotten in trouble with the law because of drug or alcohol abuse, you should check into rehab immediately if for no other reason than that is "rock bottom." Let these troubles be your sign that it is time to seek help. With any luck, getting clean can not only save your life, it will keep you out of jail.

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