Drug Treatment Centers

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Most treatment centers will require you to stay for 30, 60 or 90 days. You should be prepared for that length of stay. The treatment center should provide you with packing suggestions. Some items you may want to bring when you check into a residential treatment center include the following: You should bring clothes and shoes that will be appropriate for the weather. If you are traveling to an unfamiliar area, call ahead to see what the weather will be like for your stay. You should also bring workout gear and sauna attire if this is part of your chosen program. Of course, you should not forget all of your personal hygiene products. Don't bring anything that contains alcohol like mouthwash or cough medicine, as that will certainly be confiscated.

Things You May Not Know You Need in Rehab

You might want to inquire as to what things will be provided for the residents. Some centers provide all linens, but some do not. You should find out because you wouldn't want to wind up without sheets or towels. Some centers will require you to wash your own linens and clothes, so you should bring detergent along as well.

You should plan ahead to keep in contact with your friends and family if you so desire. If you are planning to write, you should bring stationery, stamps and relevant addresses. If you are planning to call you should check the center's policy on phone calls. You may need to bring a calling card for long distance calls.

Feeling prepared will make you feel more at ease in rehab. You may feel disoriented at first, especially since you will be detoxifying. You may want to bring a comfort item like a photograph, a Bible, or a stuffed animal if you think that will make you more able to relax.

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