Long Term Drug Use Rehab

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Many people who have used drugs for a long period of time find that it is very challenging to quit. They begin to feel like failures and wonder if there is any help for them. The reason it is so difficult to quit after long periods of drug use is that drugs change the brain in such a way that normal behavior is abandoned. For example, when a child puts his hand on a hot surface for the first time, it hurts. He learns that there is a negative consequence to putting his hand on a hot surface, so he will not do that in the future. Drug addicts will experience many negative consequences because of their addiction, but the brain is changed so that they cannot stop the negative behavior.

Help for Long-term Drug Use

The longer you use drugs, the more tolerance and dependency you will develop. For that reason, the only probable way of recovering is to get into a residential treatment center. You will have to go through detoxification in order to get the drugs completely out of your system and begin with a clean slate.

You have to be in a residential treatment center because it is the only real drug-free environment. In a drug-free environment you will get to experience what life is like without drugs. This will give you the confidence that you will not need drugs when you get back into the world. Getting into a structured environment is key to finding success.

Even if you have tried treatment many times and failed, it is never too late to get sober. Don't be afraid to try alternative addiction treatments. It could be that you are one of the many who can find help in less conventional approaches.

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