Norco Addiction

Written by Michael Federico
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Norco addiction continues to escalate in America along with other opiates such as Percodan, Percocet, and Vicodin. Norco is a combination acetaminophin/hydrocodone prescribed to manage moderate to severe pain. The acetaminophen stops production of prostaglandin, which otherwise cause pain, while the hydrocodone binds receptors in the brain and nullifies the sensation of pain. Due to the hydrocodone, if use is not monitored, Norco can become extremely addictive.

As million-dollar-an-episode sitcom stars and longwinded, arguably delusional radio stars make tabloid headlines due to painkiller addiction, America as a whole is growing more familiar with the problem, and some clinics are altering their methods in an attempt to more effectively treat Norco addiction to Norco.

Treatment for Norco Addiction

Drug therapies and detox treatments vary among rehab centers, and as technology progresses and research becomes more in depth, doctors have been able to develop methods that attempt to rid the patient of physical addiction while allowing them to basically sleep through the withdrawal. Although this treatment, called rapid detox or Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR), is not available everywhere, it is gaining acceptance among the medical community. Clinics that use ANR attempt to create specific treatments for specific patients. Addiction and medical histories are considered, and they offer patients the opportunity to readjust to life after treatment at their own pace, adjusting the length of time spent on aftercare and follow-up treatment.

Information on Norco addiction is easily accessible on the Internet. Sites present details on a variety of treatments and addiction therapies. Many offer physicians' opinions and comments from past patients.

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