Percodan Addictions

Written by Patty Yu
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Percodan is a trade name for the drug called oxycodone and if abused, can easily lead to Percodan addictions. When prescribed for pain, indications must be followed strictly to avoid chemical dependencies from occurring. Unfortunately, many people do not follow the directions, and many more people use the drug illicitly without a prescription. Misuse puts one immediately at risk for Percodan addictions.

Even when a person is prescribed Percodan, he is usually warned about the highly habit-forming nature of the drug. After just five to seven days of using Percodan, an immediate discontinuation may cause withdrawal symptoms. Doctors often gradually reduce the dose so that the body can come off this powerful drug with ease. Those using the drug illicitly are unlikely to take these precautions.

An opioid drug, Percodan blocks pain receptors in the brain, as well as creates pleasurable reactions. The euphoria experienced is much like other opiate drug reactions, and prolonged use will increase the body's tolerance and create chemical dependencies. Once Percodan addictions take over a body, withdrawal symptoms are inevitable should one stop the drug, if the person can fight the cravings long enough to even stop.

Treating Percodan Addictions

Such a powerful drug addiction requires a thorough detoxification, which is usually offered at drug addiction treatment centers. In order to remove residual traces of Percodan, specific diets, regulated exercise, and detoxifying supplements are necessary. Periodical time spent sweating in a sauna is also thought to accelerate the body's ability to eliminate toxins.

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