Rapid Detox

Written by Patty Yu
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A rapid detox is often recommended for recovering drug abusers and addicts as a way to prevent cravings, depression, and reduce the risk for a relapse. The body can retain drug residues in the fatty tissues for quite some time, even if the person does not reintroduce drugs into the body. Even the smallest traces can influence the person during a low period in his recovery and nudge him toward using drugs again.

Many substance abuse treatment centers offer rapid detox programs to help recovering addicts remove the drug traces. During the withdrawal period, a rapid detox may also help reduce some of the symptoms experienced as the body reacts to not receiving its desired chemicals. Plenty of fluids are administered, along with amino acid, and mineral rich vitamin supplements.

Some treatment centers don't stop detoxification at the withdrawal period. Throughout the treatment program, the recovering addict continues to drink plenty of fluids and take a specially planned vitamin supplement schedule. Amino acids, vitamins, and mineral all help the body purge unnecessary toxins. Regular exercise is mandatory, as well as daily visits to a sauna.

Rapid Detox Success

Drug treatment centers that offer a thorough detoxification process along with their comprehensive counseling program usually produce the best results. Recovered drug addicts are less likely to fall back into old habits, or even quit the recovery process before it is over. Although relapse is always a risk in any drug addiction case, using all means to treat the addiction help reduce the possibility.

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