Rapid Detox Centers

Written by Michael Federico
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Rapid detox centers were developed by doctors and therapists who saw flaws in traditional detoxification programs. Many feel that traditional therapies do not produce high enough success rates and that they do not properly focus on patients' individual histories and needs. Rapid detox centers pride themselves on the swift, personal care they provide.

Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR) lies at the heart of most rapid detox centers. ANR rids the brain's opiate receptors of the drug while the patient sleeps under anesthesia. When the patient wakes, physical addiction is gone and withdrawal has already passed. ANR has enjoyed success rates of 64%, which for specialists is enough to demonstrate the benefits of the process.

Treatment at Rapid Detox Centers

Dr. Andre Waismann developed a specific, three-phase method at the rapid detox center he founded in Tel Aviv. Pre-treatment provides patients with a full physical exam and work-up of their medical history. Medication is provided during this phase to ensure a smooth procedure. During treatment, a board-certified anesthesiologist administers ANR. Patients are discharged twenty-four to forty-eight hours after treatment. Upon release, phase three begins. After Care includes dispensing of Naltrexone, a non-addictive, non-mood altering opiate inhibitor that is used to provide the patient with the means to segue back into a drug-free life.

New technology and research continue to aid doctors in the development and improvement of rapid detox techniques. As more opiates are prescribed, more problems with addiction occur. Rapid detox centers strive to stay on the cutting edge of addiction therapy techniques.

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