Rapid Opiate Detox

Written by Michael Federico
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Rapid opiate detox offers a medical alternative to those traditional detoxification methods that have seen few positive results in the treatment of opiate addiction. The process employs ANR, a procedure in which the body's opiate receptors are cleansed while the patient sleeps under anesthesia. When the patient wakes, physical addiction, along with the symptoms of withdrawal, have passed.

The majority of opiate addiction therapies require a patient to spend several weeks or even months in treatment. Rapid opiate detox requires a stay of approximately forty-eight hours. Once the patient has left the clinic, he takes part in after care, which can last for up to a year. During this period, the patient is administered a non-addictive, non-mood altering opiate inhibitor to help him make the transition back into a drug free lifestyle.

Benefits of Rapid Opiate Detox

Along with the shortened treatment time, rapid opiate detox offers many other benefits. It does not, as in the case of many heroin clinics, simply replace illegal drug addiction with legal drug addiction.Also, centers that specialize in rapid opiate detox strive to develop patient-specific treatments, taking into account that everyone's medical history and everyone's relationship with addiction is different.

Rapid opiate detox clinics generally report higher success rates than those of traditional detox centers with close to 64% of their patients staying clean after undergoing treatment, as opposed to the 10% that most centers experience. They also remain at the forefront of opiate receptor research, using advances in medicine and breakthroughs in cloning to better their techniques.

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