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Smoking Does Effect You In Many Ways.

Written by vrobert42
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Smoking has become one of the largest businesses in the world today. Smoking also has become one of the largest health care expenses of our time.

Cigarettes have many chemicals, one is called nicotine, which is highly addictive. There are also many other chemicals in cigarettes that are very harmful to the body. Nicotine in cigarettes is habit forming and becomes very hard to quit. People get addicted to nicotine just like any other drug. This is a physical and mental condition which causes withdrawal symptoms. When smokers try to quit they experience these symptoms. This is the main reason most people fail when trying to quit smoking.

Withdrawal symptoms happen to most people who go through the process of quitting. Even though they may be short lived, they can be rather intense and can sometimes become too much for the person to bear. If you can make it through the first two weeks your ability to quit greatly increases. Once you make it pass this point most withdrawal symptoms disappear.

There are two different types of withdrawal symptoms: physical and mental. In the first two weeks physical symptoms can be hot flashes, sweating, and cold sweats. You can also start getting stomach cramps as well as feelings of being nauseous and there are also some people who experience more headaches and migraines. Once you quit smoking you might potentially experience flu symptoms or symptoms similar to that of a cold. These could include sore throats, problems with your sinuses, a bit of coughing as well as other symptoms associated with the flu. All these symptoms are just the body adjusting to no nicotine.

You may start to feel emotional symptoms. This includes becoming more prone to throwing tantrums which can happen at any time. You can also feel very irritable, experience very intense feeling such as anger. You are more likely to get things mixed up and confused, due to the fact that you can not concentrate, because of all the emotions that your body is going through. You will probably become very anxious over nothing. Becoming depressed is very likely during this time of stress.

The good news is that after two or three weeks all these symptoms start to gradually go away. If you are having a difficult time with this, you may need to try stop smoking with hypnosis remedies.

People have found out that working on the mental side is a great benefit to help quit smoking. The mind is what tells you that this is not working and convinces you that you'll be better off to just smoke instead of trying to quit. Don't give into these thoughts, because if you’ve made it two weeks, you've made it through the hardest part, and it only gets easier from here. Good Luck!

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