Treatment For Prescription Drug Abuse

Written by Michael Federico
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Treatment for prescription drug abuse takes many different forms at detox centers all over the country. Many clinics specialize in treating the psychological aspects of addiction, focusing on therapy and traditional twelve-step programs. Many times, clinics are located high in the mountains, or deep in the woods in the hope that the removal of daily stress will aid in the patient's rehabilitation.

As technological advances are made and large steps are taken in opiate receptor research, doctors and therapists have created alternative techniques that focus on the physical addiction that occurs with the abuse of prescription drugs. These procedures go after addiction at the body's opiate receptors. They provide a medical alternative to traditional detox, and offer a treatment program that is specifically suited for the individual patient.

Rapid Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse

Rapid treatment for prescription drug abuse, employs the use of Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR), a treatment in which the brain's opiate receptors are cleansed of the drug while the patient is under anesthesia. Upon waking, the patient's body no longer has the physical craving for the drug. They have, in essence, slept through the withdrawal process.

Clinics that practice ANR in treatment for prescription drug abuse have reported higher success rates than those of traditional detox centers. In some treatments, such as The Waismann Method, ANR is followed by after care , which can last up to a year, further aiding in a patient's transition back into a drug-free life. Proponents of The Waismann Method and ANR believe that as further advances are made in the field and techniques are improved and specified, their clinics' success rates will continue to rise.

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