Vicodin Addiction

Written by Michael Federico
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Vicodin addiction, like most painkiller addictions, often occurs gradually and goes unseen by those close to the user. What starts as treatment for legitimate pain can, if unchecked, develop into an addiction as strong as one that occurs with cocaine or other notorious narcotics.

Because Vicodin is legal and regularly prescribed by doctors, many users are unaware of the problems that can occur from misuse. Recently, Vicodin addiction has been receiving more attention as people have come forward to share their struggles with the disease. This has thrown focus on the lack of success that occurs in most treatment programs.

Treatment for Vicodin Addiction

Because Vicodin addiction is both a physical and mental one, therapy is often difficult and unspecified. Psychological therapy may be coupled with medicinal treatment that is used to counter the effects of withdrawal. However, many times patients leave treatment without having fully overcome their physical need for the drug.

Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR) is a treatment that attempts to attack physical addiction at the body's opiate receptors. During ANR, those receptors are cleansed of the drug, be it Vicodin or other opiate derivatives, while the patient sleeps under anesthesia. Upon waking, the body should be free of physical addiction, and withdrawal should have passed. When released from the clinic, patients will undergo an After Care process that can last up to a year. Those that specialize in ANR believe that it is the best way for those who suffer Vicodin addiction to undergo safe, rapid, and successful treatment.

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