Ada Kits

Written by Linda Alexander
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Hotels and motels often comply with the ADA by using ADA kits. Many companies sell kits which are lightweight and easy to store. That way, when a hearing impaired guest comes to the hotel, you will be in full compliance. Most often, the kits are designed so that hotel personnel can install and remove the devices in a matter of minutes.

Because your requirements may vary by property, custom kits are also available. The number of kits you need depends on how many rooms you have. ADA kits are more economical than purchasing each piece of equipment separately. They are easy to set up when you need to get a room ready, and to take down when your guests leave.

Components of ADA Kits

A variety of ADA kits are available, depending on the components you need. The ADA says you must provide the following devices: TTY/TDD, notification systems, telephone amplifier, closed-caption television decoder, and a visual smoke detector. You might already have some of these, or you might need all of them. That is why a custom kit is a good idea.

Complying with the ADA does not have to be expensive, nor does it need to be complicated. But violating it can result in fines of up to $50,000, so it's best to follow the rules. A good compliance kit is all you need to make sure that your guests, and the US Justice Department, are happy.

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