American Sign Language Translators

Written by Linda Alexander
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American Sign Language translators work as independent contractors through interpreting agencies. These agencies hire translators who are qualified, have strong ethics, and area dependable and flexible. If you have recently become qualified and are looking for an interpreting job, be sure to learn about any particular agency before accepting assignments there.

Just as clients expect certain qualities in an agency, so should you. American Sign Language translators have a right to work in a reasonable environment with solid ethics. When researching agencies, be sure to ask any questions you may have and get them answered to your satisfaction.

Things American Sign Language Translators Should Know Before Accepting Assignments

You should know whether the agency has a good reputation among deaf and hearing clients as well as other local translators. As with any job, you might want to know about health benefits, insurance, and pay. Do they pay on time? Are their rates competitive with those of other agencies?

To prevent repetitive motion injuries, American Sign Language translators should also know about the timing and frequency of assignments. Find out whether you will be doing any long-term assignments (more than one hour) and how many they will schedule you for in one day. You will also want to know how much notice to expect before assignments.

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