Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance

Written by Linda Alexander
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Americans with Disabilities Act compliance has confused many people at businesses and governmental agencies since it was passed. If you are unsure whether you are in compliance, you should seek legal counsel. There is no need to risk offending somebody or breaking the law simply because the person cannot hear.

Americans with Disabilities Act compliance for Employers

If you are an employer, the ADA says you can't discriminate in the job application process, during hiring or firing, or regarding salaries and pay. So you might need to have an interpreter available for a job interview. If a verbal test is part of the application process, for example, you should provide a written test for a deaf person applying.

Americans with Disabilities Act compliance is also required in the medical field. Hospitals that receive money from the US government, as well as doctors in private practice are required to provide interpreters when necessary. You cannot charge a deaf person for the interpreter either; if you do not have one on staff, you can hire one on a freelance basis through an agency.

One other important aspect of Americans with Disabilities Act compliance is public accommodations. Stores, hotels, theaters, restaurants, banks, libraries, parks, and private schools must also provide aids and services for communicating with deaf people. This might be a TDD, an assistive listening device, or simply written notes. It depends on the situation and what the deaf people are comfortable with.

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