Brain Damage Lawyers

Written by Shirley Parker
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Your state's bar association and the American Bar Association can provide referrals to qualified lawyers for various specialties. There's also a great deal of legal information on the ABA's website itself, although it takes some navigating to find what you want. For example, there is no topic link labeled injury, brain injury or brain damage. The "Legal Subjects Areas" isn't for someone just beginning a search, but it has very interesting information about various cases.

A highly competent brain injury attorney can usually be found within your own state. In addition, a few law firms across the United States, or a network of law firms, specialize in specific types of brain damage, including toxic exposure, swimming pool accidents, or birth trauma. The latter includes Cerebral Palsy and Erb's Palsy. A brain damage lawyer may handle wrongful death cases caused by medical malpractice cases, or elder/nursing home abuse.

Some brain damage lawyers have gone the extra mile. They are also medical doctors, often with a medical specialty such as Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Dental Surgery, and so forth. They know firsthand which medical procedures should have been followed to avoid the serious injuries, including the brain damage, which their legal clients have suffered.

State Bars

As a general rule, only active members of their state's bar may practice law within a state's boundaries. The State Bar is an administrative arm of the State Supreme Court and oversees the examinations that prospective lawyers must pass to receive a license. The Bar provides informational services to the public and receives complaints about attorneys. The State Bar provides many resources for attorneys, and protects the public by disciplining those attorneys who commit offenses.

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