Brain Injury Association

Written by Sierra Rein
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One can find a brain injury association in almost every state of the United States, and in a many countries around the world. These associations are dedicated to building a network of help, legal advice, inspiration, and information regarding brain injuries. A few are non-profit, while others are dedicated to research and groups of advocacy rights lawyers dedicated to helping survivors of brain injuries get the financial help they deserve.

After receiving a neurological exam by a doctor or brain care specialist, a brain injury association should be the next entity to contact. This is true for the patient as well as any family members or friends who need guidance on how to cope and act around a patient with a brain injury. A counselor at one of these associations will be able to sit down with everyone in the group and answer questions, listen to fears and anxieties, and help to arrive at positive changes and beneficial lifetime adjustments.

The choice of an association may prove to be one of the most important decisions a brain injury survivor and his family can make. Oftentimes, an individual will continue visiting the same support group every week for the rest of his life. If a brain injury survivor chooses to move to a new city, state, or job, it is crucial to make sure that a qualified and available brain injury association exists in the new location.

Contacting a Brain Injury Association in Your Area

One can find a brain injury association easily by searching through local or state phone books, or by searching online. Many Association websites are designed for survivors of brain injuries (especially those suffering from reading and visual impairments) and feature text speaking software that reads the online text out loud. These websites are also great sources of contact numbers and addresses, professional references, educational information, support group forums, and up to date technological breakthroughs and news flashes on the topic of brain injuries.

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