Brain Injury Law Firms

Written by Shirley Parker
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When looking for a brain injury law firm in your area or in the nearest large city, you may find someone who specializes in only brain injury cases. On the other hand, law firms who handle brain injuries might well litigate wrongful death and spinal cord injuries, since they are often interrelated. They may also handle personal injury as a whole.

The potential client does need to ascertain the experience level of the law firm with specific types of brain injury cases. Once that is determined, the initial consultation decides two things. First, does the client have sufficient evidence to pursue a lawsuit? Second, are there any resources that can be held liable for paying a settlement amount? A client should also be told which attorney would handle the case.

If the party at fault has low income and was driving without insurance, for example, chances for obtaining compensation may not look good. However, a law firm may know of other sources from which help can be obtained. Perhaps the injured party was actually on an approved errand or assignment for her employer at the time of injury, even though she was away from her normal place of work. In that case, workmen's compensation laws may apply to the event.

Law Firms May Handle Serious Injuries Only

If a law firm does not have the manpower or the experience to deal with what some call mild brain injury, they may decline even to meet with a victim's family. They certainly should say so up front, without being discourteous about it. Don't waste time on a law firm that doesn't have time for you. Ask first--politely, of course.

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