Brain Injury Lawyers

Written by Shirley Parker
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Brain injury lawyers specialize in brain injuries and, sometimes, other types of injury cases. When a brain injury of any severity is involved, no one should select a lawyer to represent themself or a loved one who hasn't specialized. There is far too much at stake, often a person's entire future.

It's not considered rude to ask how much experience the attorney or the firm has with brain injury cases. If a lawyer were to take offense at such a question, a prospective client would be justified in going elsewhere. Obviously, everyone has to start somewhere in a career, but a new law degree likely produces best results when added to those of an experienced staff.

Another question to ask would be how many seminars the lawyer has attended and when. He or she needs to keep up with the latest medical findings on traumatic brain injury. Severe trauma cases may be somewhat easier to litigate, but concussion injuries have serious, long-term effects. The patient is often in need of a full-time caretaker, or may not be able to drive, let alone keep a job.

What a Brain Damage Lawyer Can Get

A brain injury lawyer can file suit against whichever individuals or companies caused the physical, mental, emotional, and other trauma the brain-injured patient has suffered. Those responsible will have to pay for most, if not all, of the costly medical treatment to help the patient recover or adapt to whatever level of functioning is expected. It's also possible to obtain compensation for pain and suffering, and the destruction of ability to provide financially for self and family, i.e. lost income.

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