Brain Injury Representation

Written by Shirley Parker
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When an insurance company is trying to negotiate a settlement in a brain injury case, it's to their advantage to deal directly with the injured person. Failing that, they communicate with the immediate relatives who can make decisions for the individual. However, it is not to the advantage of the victim to reach such a settlement without legal representation of his own.

Further, the insurance company or defending attorney may even try to intimidate the victim's family by stating that, if the client's offer is declined, the victim and his family will receive no compensation at all. Or other, similar tactics will be used, when they know the family has no legal representation. It's critical to speak to an independent attorney who's knowledgeable about brain injury before signing anything or making a decision about an offer to settle.

$250,000, for example, may seem like an enormous amount of money. However, in some cases, rehabilitation costs and home remodeling costs to accommodate special equipment will eat up that amount very quickly. The way in which the money is paid is also very important, whether it's a lump sum or perhaps an annuity.

Obtaining Legal Representation

Obtaining legal representation in a brain injury situation is frightening. What if you make the wrong choice and miss your chance to get justice from the person(s) who caused the "accident" or committed the physical assault? If you're not satisfied with the case evaluation provided by the law firm you would like to represent you, don't take them on right away. Talk to another lawyer and then compare the notes you've taken.

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