Car Accident Head Injuries

Written by Shirley Parker
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Car accidents are known to be the cause of sometimes-severe head injuries. In the past 30 years or so, head restraints have gone a long way toward minimizing head and neck injuries. However, they do restrict rear vision for shorter drivers trying to look over their shoulders. Even so, a good chunk of the responsibility for obstructed visibility to the rear, and the resulting accidents, rests with car manufacturers who produce rump-in-the-air vehicles year after year.

Side mirrors reveal what's coming up on you, but they can't show everything. A return to deeper rear window and lower trunk lid design would increase safety for everyone. In any event, drivers should practice good driving habits to avoid danger from blind spots. That said, other drivers sometimes leave their lanes without warning, and slam into the side of your car. Getting sideswiped can cause a serious jolt to the head, neck and entire body. It's not very reassuring to see a bright white light all around you when that happens.

When seat belts and shoulder harnesses are worn, car accident head injuries may be lessened but not entirely prevented. The head still tends to be thrown forward and back, causing possible trauma to the brain. In addition, defective or aging seat belts or harnesses will break under the tremendous force of a collision. They should be inspected regularly and replaced when they show signs of aging or wear. However, defective seat belts are another matter, and sometimes are cause for litigation. Owners should regularly ask their dealers about the latest recalls from the manufacturer for any system in the vehicle.

Additional Head Injuries

A car accident often causes severe facial lacerations, eye injuries and other major trauma, even when serious brain injury doesn't occur. Recent model cars are required to use safety glass, but metal also slashes flesh. If an accident victim is thrown from the vehicle, head injuries may be fatal. Properly installed and used child safety seats can prevent many tragedies.

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