Choosing A Brain Injury Lawyer

Written by Shirley Parker
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When a brain injury occurs, the first thing a patient needs is medical, often emergency, care. Outside of that, he needs a medical specialist to diagnose what is going on, and, as the days pass, to issue a prognosis for recovery. The other primary resource a patient needs is a brain injury lawyer.

Choosing a lawyer who specializes in brain injury may be a little time-consuming, especially when a family doesn't know where to start. However, things really do need to be done that way. As competent as an attorney may be in another area, he or she can't represent you without actual experience and specialized knowledge of brain injury cases. To gain the required knowledge of brain damage takes attendance at workshops and discussing cases with medical specialists. In other words, it requires dedication to keep up with the field.

A major concern for the victim and/or their family is that they probably have no money to pay to a lawyer, not even a down payment on his fee. Fortunately, in almost all states, no one has to pay money upfront in an injury case. Instead, the case will be handled on what is called a contingency fee arrangement. This means you pay the law firm a fee when a settlement has been agreed upon with the insurance company, manufacturer, or whoever is found at fault. The fee will be based on a percentage of the settlement and will probably be substantial. However, without the lawyer's involvement, you might not have won a settlement at all.

Use the Internet

It used to be very difficult to find a lawyer, except by word of mouth. For one thing, until a United States Supreme Court ruling in 1977, lawyers weren't even allowed to advertise. And even today, they can't call your house to solicit business. Now, they advertise on radio and TV, and certainly, they're on the Internet, where a great deal of information can be presented for a small cost.

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