Deaf Resources

Written by Linda Alexander
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Deaf resources are widely available for anybody who wants them. They are yours for the taking if you are looking! Certain resources are national/federal, and you will also find services available by state, county, or local city or town. Whether you are needing help adjusting to your new lifestyle, or need a legal advocate, you will find resources as quickly as you can look for them.

A great place to start locating deaf resources is through your local library. Books, periodicals, videos and DVDs are all available that can educate you about deaf culture, sign language, and education. If you are a parent of a deaf child, for example, you will want to learn all you can about your child's hearing loss before deciding on the appropriate educational route you want to take.

Important Deaf Resources: Organizations by and for the Deaf

Another source for deaf resources is your local deaf association. There are government agencies who provide deaf services; there are also organizations of deaf people that can help you. Check your yellow pages or the internet for resources to refer you to the information or service that you need.

Organizations such as these promote interaction among deaf and hard of hearing people as well as within the hearing community. They also support legislation serving deaf interests. They will help you get the most out of your life, encouraging your well-being and best functioning among both deaf and hearing cultures.

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