Head Injuries

Written by Shirley Parker
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Head injuries can occur at any time, even from deceptively safe activities around the home. Such injuries range from mild to serious concussions, contusions, hematomas, facial lacerations, penetrating wounds or complications from a skull fracture. A tiny patch of water or insect spray that wasn't completely wiped up can cause a very bad fall.

Missing the second step, when getting back down from a short step stool, can cause a twisting tumble that causes a lot of physical damage, including a head injury. Sliding doors that are too clean, or that lack decorative decals to indicate when they are closed, can endanger children and adults alike. People run into the glass, thinking the door is open.

If the person is home alone at the time of the accident, needed help may be delayed too long, allowing bleeding to continue. A fall at home may also be more dangerous from the instant it happens, such as falling from a greater height. In addition, the risk of hitting a concrete slab or brickwork is greater in the backyard or driveway than inside, unless the house is under construction or being remodeled.

Head Injuries in Public Places

On the other hand, head injuries may occur in a very public place, such as a parking lot or the steps to a civic theater. They may happen as a result of unguarded hazards, strangers running amok, undisciplined children barging into the elderly, negligent drivers, or the inattention of the person who is subsequently injured. Car accidents cause the greatest number of serious head injuries, especially if the person has declined to wear a seat belt. However, sports and recreational injuries are also common, when a safety helmet is worn improperly or not at all.

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