Head Injury Claims

Written by Shirley Parker
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When you're close to making the choice of a brain injury lawyer, you'll have asked the basic questions about his knowledge of brain injuries and his fees. You want him to have experience and success in obtaining compensation for his clients who've suffered severe head injury. Equally as important, he needs to understand that "mild" brain injuries can cause permanent disability.

Facts that will seem not to back up the claim of permanent disability from a mild brain injury are many, but they are typical of a patient's disability after suffering one. They include the following: the person wasn't unconscious and might even have been walking and talking immediately after the accident; CT and MRI scan results are negative; he gave different versions of what happened.

If the patient's attorney doesn't understand the far-reaching consequences of mild or closed head injury, he won't be able to counter the insurance company attorney in an effective manner. The insurance company, of course, will be claiming there's nothing neurologically wrong with the accident victim. They will still be offering to pay only a minimal amount of compensation to cover a small portion of expenses, perhaps the initial hospital charges.

Presenting Evidence

Only a lawyer knows what he will present as evidence, but an example would be illustrations of the brain and how it can be jarred, and how fibers are torn within the skull. He'll also collect reports from the patient's relatives and friends. They can see more changes in the patient's abilities, behavior, and personality than he or she can recognize personally.

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