Head Injury Lawsuits

Written by Shirley Parker
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When a person has had head injuries inflicted, there may well be damage to the brain, in addition to serious facial damage. On the other hand, brain damage may be suffered, with little or no injury to the face. While not all head injuries involve brain damage, a very large number of them do. A head injury lawsuit is a necessity to obtain the compensation the victim needs, even if a settlement is reached prior to the case reaching the actual trial phase.

Brain surgery or reconstructive surgery, and rehabilitation over a prolonged time period will cost more than some health insurance policies will pay, even when the victim has coverage. Physical therapy and speech therapy coverage, just for an example, tends to be quite limited in scope, even before the policy has maxed out in other areas. In this regard, HMO coverage is better than PPO coverage, but all types of therapy are combined when calculating the maximum allowed. Just two therapy sessions every day will soon add up to even the 60 or 80 sessions allowed by an HMO.

Medical costs, ongoing caretaking, and lost income can total in the multi-millions of dollars for a head injury patient. So, it's not difficult to see why head injury lawsuits ask for such high amounts in compensation. Brain- or spinal cord-injured people, in particular, will need a great deal of financial help.

Preserve Your Legal Rights

Consult an attorney as soon as possible after the accident, physical assault, surgical error, or whatever it was that caused the brain injury. You don't want the statute of limitations to kick in, whatever it is in your state. Start collecting accident reports, photos, medical records and everything else pertaining to your case, so your attorney can evaluate your situation at the earliest opportunity.

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