New York Brain Injury Lawyers

Written by Shirley Parker
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New York City has over eight million people living within its boundaries. In a city so densely populated, just about every legal service a person might need is available to its residents. Many lawyers specialize in personal injury suits, providing many choices not available to those in smaller communities. However, fewer personal injury law firms have the collective expertise to deal with the tragedy and permanent disability of brain injuries suffered by potential clients.

The family or friends of a brain-injured person or the individual himself will need to retain legal counsel as soon as possible after the accident or other event that caused the trauma (or insult) to the brain. The sooner legal advice is obtained, the better. It's reassuring to get referrals from New York friends in any legal scenario, but one would hope that friends have never had to go through such a devastating time.

If friends are unable to help with referrals or don't know of anyone else in their network who can, then a family in immediate need of legal advice can call the State Bar Association (NYSBA). The Bar Association has a voluntary membership of over 70,000 attorneys in New York State. Their Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) will provide a referral to a lawyer near where you live.

If You Can't Afford a Lawyer

In personal injury cases, lawyers in New York will not charge you for the initial consultation fee. They may also take your case on a contingency basis, where you pay nothing until a settlement is obtained. Then you usually pay on a percentage basis. However, if you cannot find a lawyer who will accept your brain injury case on this basis, contact the Legal Aid Society in your neighborhood for assistance. No one should ever try to handle such a traumatic situation without obtaining legal advice.

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