Sign Language Interpreter Jobs

Written by Linda Alexander
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Getting sign language interpreter jobs is not as simple as being able to sign. Good interpreters must be able to sign fluently as well as read other people's signing. It is a skill that takes time to develop. Interpreters must be able to convey messages between two very different languages.

Like any translating jobs, sign language interpreter jobs require people to be skilled and qualified. If you are a novice or have just begun to take ASL classes, don't look for a job just yet. In order to have access to communication, deaf and hard of hearing people deserve to have skilled interpreters who can translate clearly.

Increase Your Chances for Getting Sign Language Interpreter Jobs

To have the best chance at sign language interpreter jobs, you should take as many classes as possible to improve your skills. Practice with both deaf and hearing people so you can test your knowledge. Ask for their honest opinions, and use their criticism to get better. You wouldn't try to get a job translating English to Spanish after one semester, so why would you do that with ASL?

The Registry for Interpreters for the Deaf offers a well-respected certification exam. They also maintain a list of training programs. Another alternative is to take a Quality Assessment exam in order to qualify for interpreting at state-level events. To do this, contact your state association for the deaf.

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