Spanish Sign Language

Written by Linda Alexander
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There is no single Spanish sign language, just as spoken Spanish varies from country to country. So if you are looking for Spanish sign language information, you will have to know which country's language you will be using. For example, you will need to find specific information on Peruvian sign language, Mexican sign language, etc.

Many of the smaller Spanish speaking countries, such as Belize and Andorra, do not have their own native sign language. Instead, they use American Sign Language or something similar. Should you need to sign in one of their languages, see if you can find a sign language dictionary from that country. Otherwise, use the language from the closest Spanish-speaking country, or ASL.

Learning Spanish Sign Language

Mexico has its own native sign language, and so does Argentina. Because of the high population of Mexicans in the U.S., there are many resources available if you need to communicate with someone who uses Mexican sign language. There are also classes you can take to learn the sign language of any particular country, whether they use Spanish sign language, spoken Spanish, English, or another language.

When hiring an interpreter, it's a good idea to let the agency know which country the deaf person is from, or which language he or she will be using. That way, you can be sure that your interpreter will be able to communicate with the deaf and the hearing people involved. Sign languages vary from country to country and spoken languages, so be as specific as possible and you'll have no trouble facilitating communication.

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spanish sign languag for hard of hearing american student

I currently work with a hard-of-hearing engliush speaking second grade student. The mainstream teacher decided that she must attend the "spanish" lessons with the other hearing students in her class. I've explained several times that I do not know any spanish signs. Am I wrong to belive that I should transliterate the spanish words for spanish signs? Where do I access elementary level spanish signs? Can anyone help me?
Donna Boyer