Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Freestyle watches are products of a company built up by two surfers in 1981 who were unable to find sport watches that could take the day-in-and-day-out thrashing of their beach lifestyle. They created a unique watch--The Shark--that soon was being worn by athletes around the world. The Shark Series of Freestyle watches is still part of the company's lineup.

The Shark Classic is depth-rated at 330 feet, as are many of Freestyle's fitness watches. Its stainless steel caseback and buckle are designed for strength and water/corrosion resistance. It has a night vision LCD backlight, an alarm and a chronograph. The stopwatch comes with split function. Colors are white/gray, black/black, white/blue, navy/black, black/silver, and black/khaki.

Freestyle Watches with Stopwatch Functions

In the Girlstyle Series, the Rebel comes in camel and black with wide leather cuffs, and is depth-rated at 165 feet. Both this model and others in this series have stainless steel casebacks. The Smooth has a one-way, ratcheted timing bezel, and is depth-rated at 330 feet.

Although many of the watches have stopwatch functions, the company does make stopwatches. The Sidekick stopwatch has split function, a five-lap memory, is water resistant, and has an alarm. A more intricate watch is the Starter, which is available in blue, black, or grey. As one of the multi-function Freestyle watches, the Starter has split function, a 30-lap memory, gives dual time, and has an alarm function, as well as a Night Vision display.

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