Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Accusplit bills itself as "The Stopwatch Company of the World," and it has, in fact, been one of the industry leaders since 1971. This is a company that prides itself on being a leader in the production of stylish, high-performance stopwatches and pedometers. Not only are its products reliable and user-friendly, but they look good because of their distinctive colors.

Black, smoke, cherry, aqua, lemon, lime--these perk up the old, chrome stopwatch that had a single push-button! Pick a favorite--they all come with Accusplit's five-year warranty and one and a half-year battery. These ultra-light watches are splash-resistant and water resistant to 30 feet.

Accusplit Pedometers

Accusplit pedometers are part of fitness and walking programs that the company develops and uses to educate the public about the benefits of exercise. The company emphasizes the latest findings on exercise, such as, the 10,000 Steps a Day program that has been so well publicized. The overall goal of any exercise program is to integrate it into your lifestyle so it does not seem like a burden.

The Alliance series of pedometers come in basic and multi-function. The 3010 has a step counter, and includes the AccuSTEP Activity Wellness Guide. The 1590 model has both, as well as distance measurement in miles or kilometers, an automatic activity timer, a 12-hour clock, and calorie counter.

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