Activity Monitors

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Oregon Scientific products are intended to provide top-notch performance in a modern, fluid design. This international company has been making products in five major areas since 1991: time, weather, fitness, communications, and education. In the field of electronics--which has mushroomed in the last decade--Oregon Scientific provides its products to some of the top corporations around the world.

Working with these corporations, Oregon Scientific products include cordless phones and pagers, weather forecasting, environmental monitoring, radio-controlled watches, databank organizers, handheld computers, and electronic, educational toys and games. Always keeping practical innovations uppermost, this company manufactures excellent fitness watches. Its exercise heart monitors are stylish, as in the Mio-shaped monitor, as well as functional.

Oregon Scientific Products for Fitness

Before starting any exercise program, consult your healthcare specialist to determine some essentials that help you to get the most out of your Oregon Scientific products. Your personal training zone takes into account your age, fitness level, and your goals. The first two factors are critical--if you are a sedentary office worker who is beginning an exercise program, you need to be advised of your limits.

To use a heart monitor properly, you also should determine some more individualized information. Certainly, it is critical to know your maximum heart rate, and your upper and lower heart rate limits. These crucial details are geared toward your age and fitness level, so all the information ties together.

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