Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Acumen has been providing high-quality electronics components and other top-selling consumer products since 1985. The company works closely with the best-known health and fitness corporations in order to deliver innovative, reliable products for the public to use in their quest for better physical fitness. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in the quality of their products and the backing and support they offer for their goods.

Acumen has been manufacturing heart rate monitors and pedometers since 1996, and their Quality Assurance Department inspects and tests every group of products before it is sent to customers. A completely integrated manufacturing plant that handles all the procedures necessary to produce accurate monitors and pedometers ensures total control by the company. Their ultimate goal is to meet or exceed international ISO 9001 standards.

Acumen Pedometers

Different models of pedometers give a lot of choice to the exerciser. The PulseMate lets you check your progress without stopping because of its flipup display. It also monitors your pulse rate. All their pedometers have 12-hour clocks and stopwatches that provide long-term records of performance.

The Acumen JogMate Plus, the 10K Stepper, and 10K Stepper Plus all measure distance traveled, the number of steps, and the stride length for walking or running. The two Plus devices calculate an advanced calorie burning count and the JogMate Plus computes average speed. The Stepper and Stepper Plus have a 10,000 steps countdown beeper to help in the computation of this popular concept.

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