Acumen Cardio Trainer

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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An Acumen cardio trainer comes in the form of several intricate, highly-developed sport watches. The EON 203, for example, is designed for cardio training for walkers and runners. A distinctive feature of this watch is FluidCheck that helps prevent dehydration, a condition all fitness exercisers guard against.

This system registers information on your exertion level and the temperature and humidity, and calculates how much body fluid you have lost so far. Exercisers are aware that even a 2 percent loss affects the body and performance. This EON package includes a measurement gauge that reads temperature and humidity, a Body Fluid Monitoring Guide, an instruction manual, and a data log sheet.

Acumen Cardio Trainer Watches

A more basic Acumen cardio trainer is the EON Basix Plus ES, a small, but full-featured watch. This model has excellent memory capabilities--it records and recalls your time above, within, and under the target zone settings. Other practical features include an advanced calorie counter, a fitness index, and an easy-to-read stopwatch.

The Acumen TZ MAX 100 is the Acumen cardio trainer with the computer connection that can download your exercise information via Windows. It comes with a host of features, such as, alarms for heart rate and target zones and a digital and heart rate controlled pacer. You can time your recovery heart rate, and automatically sample your heart rate at five, 10, 30, or 60 seconds, or at five minutes.

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