Acumen Heart Monitors

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Acumen heart monitors are all sophisticated, multi-featured watches intended for athletic conditioning programs. Any Acumen cardio trainer has many functions that are needed by the serious walker or runner to measure performance. Acumen helpfully offers troubleshooting solutions and information about the workings of its monitors so the user can adjust the watch and/or transmitter to get the best results.

Proper positioning of the transmitter belt on the chest is critical to an accurate reading, as are proper moistening and tension of the belt. If you have difficulty with Acumen heart monitors, try various positions for the belt, remembering that higher on the chest is better than lower. A heart signal may be stronger in one spot than another, so also try moving the belt slightly to the left or right on the chest.

Acumen Heart Monitors for Cardio Training

Some Acumen monitors have a PC interface and a package that includes software to download all your performance information. Of course, instructions come with this watch, the TZ MAX 100, so you can export your information to Excel or text format, as well as other applications. As of right now, this watch only operates with Windows, not Apple computers, but Acumen is working on developing the software.

Most Acumen heart monitors work most effectively when the watch, the receiver, remains within the three-foot range of the transmitter belt. Also very important is to have the watch parallel to and facing the transmitter, especially at greater distances. Angled fitness watches might affect the accuracy of the readings. Acumen has many helpful hints, so be sure to read the instructions if you are not getting accurate feedback.

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