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Bench Press

Written by Jill Morrison
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Using a bench press will help you to develop your pectoralis muscles primarily. The deltoid and tricep muscles assist the pectoralis muscles in the task. You will also use the biceps as a dynamic stabilizer in the exercise.

Effective Bench Press Technique

To effectively bench press, you should initially make sure to warm up and stretch your muscles. You should also avoid over-training and make sure to give your muscles a rest between rep segments. Without these techniques, your muscles will fatigue more easily and you have a greater risk for injury.

For strength training, it is helpful to perform low reps at higher weight increments. You should also add variation to your exercises so that your muscles do not get used to the activity and cease responding. Try to focus and certain muscle groups in one session so that you will not pre-exhaust your muscles before this exercise.

Technique and body placement is important, so make sure to receive advice from a professional on proper technique. You lifestyle and diet will also affect how well your body will take strength exercises, so try to take care of yourself for maximum results in strength training. Finally, make sure you have access to a bench press consistently, whether you use a gym membership, or purchase you own equipment for use in the privacy of your home.

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