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Body Solid

Written by Jill Morrison
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Body Solid is a company that makes high-quality, free weight fitness equipment. The company was created in 1981 and has updated their equipment through the years. Today, their products have a distinctive and effective design for maximum benefits in weight training.

Features of Body Solid

Body Solid is currently the largest supplier of strength training equipment. The strength training products are designed to make clients bigger, faster, and stronger with specialized exercise techniques. This company has been given leading rankings in many fitness magazines as well. The home gym systems available are high quality and combine the functions of many machines into one.

The company has a full time customer service department with knowledgeable service professionals on staff to help customers. You can call in to ask questions about products you have purchased, exercise techniques, assembly of equipment, or additional parts that can be purchased for your equipment. The excellent customer service department is combined with a lifetime warranty for maximum customer satisfaction.

Body Solid products are available online from their website or from other fitness equipment websites. Some sites may offer better deals than others, so you may want to compare prices. You can order equipment online and it will be sent directly to your home so that you can enjoy an exciting and new home gym system. Once you have the gym equipment in your home, you will likely never want to visit a gym again.

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