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Written by Jill Morrison
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Bodycraft is a well-known company that manufactures free weight and home gym fitness equipment. All of their products are durable and are guaranteed to work for a lifetime. There are many different models and types of Bodycraft products to choose from, from home gyms to individual machines. Individual machines focus on specific muscle groups and home gyms combine the functions of many machines into one.

Bodycraft Product Choices

The Galena is the name of a popular Bodycraft strength training system. Its design is rugged and built to fit in the corner of any room, so you will have additional space in the room for other furniture or fitness products. The Galena has a great range of exercises that you can perform and it is fully adjustable and comfortable to use.

The Strata is an easy to use strength training system that has the best variety in exercise options of any home gym. It can fit in the corner of any room as well and has durable cables on a heavy duty frame. The Strata has a traditional bench style that doubles as an outstanding dumbbell bench so you can perform various dumbbell exercises.

The Xpress and Family Xpress are exercise stations with many features. The Xpress has an adjustable bench press station, a cable station, ab crunch, low pulley, high pulley, and leg extension and curl stations. The Family Xpress has all of these options but also has two weight stacks so it can be used by multiple people.

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