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Bodycraft Family Xpress

Written by Jill Morrison
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The Bodycraft Family Xpress is a model of the Bodycraft Xpress that allows for multiple users to exercise on the machine at one time. It has two weight stacks, where the Xpress has only one. The Xpress is designed for use by one person at a time, so it is best for individuals or small families. The Family Xpress can be used in a household where multiple family members would use the system to exercise.

Bodycraft Family Xpress Features

The Bodycraft Family Xpress is a multi-featured home gym exercise system. It has many stations, including a bench press area with an adjustable seat and starting point. The back pad tilts in the bench press station provide full support for incline and shoulder presses.

The cable station of the Bodycraft Family Xpress allows for a wide range of exercises. Excersises can be sports specific, mimic dumbbell training, or provide core training. The cable station also has adjustable arms to benefit the user and to make exercises more comfortable and efficient.

Other stations in the Family Xpress include an ab crunch, low pulley, high pulley, leg press, leg extension, and curl station. The leg press is a nice feature that does not come standard with the regular Xpress model. For safety and beauty, the Family Xpress has weight stack enclosures as well.

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