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Bodycraft Lever Gym

Written by Jill Morrison
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The Bodycraft Lever gym will save you time because you can workout at home, rather than traveling to the gym to exercise. The straight-forward design of the machine is also time efficient for performing exercises with limited time. You can save money as well because you will no longer need to pay for a gym membership.

Bodycraft Lever Gym Features

The Bodycraft Lever gym gives you the freedom to control weights with precision. It features an individual plate loading system which is beneficial for using a higher total weight capacity and for smaller incremental weight increases as well. You can complete a wide variety of strength exercises with this one machine.

The Lever gym has many great safety features so you will not need a spotter. A self-spotting handle can be squeezed to set the starting and finishing points for the range of motion in each exercise. Pivot points and angles are placed in proper position to provide support in form and to minimize the risk of an injury while exercising.

The Bodycraft Lever gym is very easy to use and adjust. With one simple pin, you can adjust the bench for decline, incline, flat, and shoulder presses, and it can also be used as a dumbbell bench or for squats. The pulley system is very smooth as well so you can switch exercises easily by simply grabbing different handles.

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