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Bodycraft Weight Equipment

Written by Jill Morrison
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Bodycraft weight equipment can be purchased so you can design your own home gym. You can purchase one type of machine for individual exercises, or multiple machines for a more well-rounded strength training room. You can even purchase a home gym system which combines multiple exercises into one machine.

If you have a large room that you would like to turn into a workout area, there are many types of Bodycraft weight equipment that you can purchase. If you do not have much extra space for multiple machines, you can purchase a home gym such as the Bodycraft Galena, Strata, or Xpress. Some prefer to purchase individual machines so they do not feel cramped in one area of the room.

Types of Bodycraft Weight Equipment

The Bodycraft Deluxe Combination Bench is an example of a popular type of Bodycraft weight equipment. It allows you to perform many types of serious weight lifting exercises with complete safety and no need for a spotter. You can perform exercises such as flat, incline, decline, and shoulder presses, squats, arm curls, leg extension and leg curls.

The Total Leg Machine is known as the most complete machine for strengthening the lower body. The Back and Arm Machine combines the features of an arm curl machine with a lat machine. All Bodycraft machines are built to last a lifetime and come with a lifetime warranty as well.

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