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Bodycraft Xpress Home Gym

Written by Jill Morrison
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The Bodycraft Xpress home gym makes it easy to workout in the privacy of your own home. You can forget about paying large fees for gym memberships and sharing machines with many people at the gym. With an Xpress gym, you can complete all the strength training exercises you need with one machine.

Bodycraft Xpress Home Gym Features

The Bodycraft Xpress home gym can be used to get strong, lose weight, and to shape and tone your body. With just a half-hour of training each day, most Xpress home gym users have seen incredible results. There are many different exercises designed to tone the entire body.

The Bodycraft Xpress home gym comes with many different stations and features. The bench press station has adjustable seats and backs so any type of individual can perform exercises such as the bench press, incline press, shoulder press, and mid row. Other stations in the Xpress home gym include a cable, ab crunch, leg extension and curl, high pulley, and low pulley stations.

If you have multiple family members, you may want to consider purchasing the Bodycraft Family Xpress home gym. It allows for multiple users to exercise at the same time because the machine has two weight stacks. This home gym system has a leg press station in addition to all of the features in the Xpress home gym.

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