Bowflex Extreme

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Anyone who does strength training knows that a total body workout, using a variety of moves that target different muscle groups, is the best way to ensure that all muscles are toned evenly. Good body mechanics depend upon the proper use of all muscles in relation to each other. When a body is toned evenly, using a machine that is designed for this purpose, the body will not have to compensate for any weak areas. A good home gym can provide a comprehensive workout in one piece of equipment.

Get Results Faster and More Efficiently

With time and energy at a premium for most people, a good way to achieve total body fitness is with the use of one piece of equipment that will include many different exercises all in one and can be used at home. The Bowflex Extreme is an example of this kind of fitness equipment. It is designed to target all the muscle groups using gym-quality exercises, while saving the user a trip to the health club.

The Extreme features upper and lower pulleys for building arm and leg muscles. A leg extension attachment allows one to maximize lower body workouts, and Bowflex Power Rods provide up to 410 pounds of resistance with the addition of optional upgrades. For beginners looking to develop an exercise routine, Bowflex has created a workout video, as well as interactive software that guides the user through the basic moves that will help re-shape the body, build muscle and burn fat.

Ultimately, this is the goal for those who use the Bowflex Extreme. When all muscle groups are working to burn fat, then weight loss is inevitable. Other health benefits are a stronger and more efficient heart and overall better resistance to disease and injury. The Extreme is a tool designed to help the health-conscious achieve their fitness goals at their own pace, and in the comfort of their own homes.

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