Buy Heart Rate Monitors

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Sport watches are sometimes just timepieces, and sometimes much more. Today's watches may turn out to be digital heart rate monitors or pulse-rate monitors. They may be meant for water sports and depth-certified to 330 feet, or they may guide you through your workout by giving you continuous body information.

There has been a boom in sport/fitness-related accessories in the last few years, and that has to be a good indication that all the education about the benefits of exercise is paying off. More people are moving, and they are encouraged by the lightweight, smooth-operating sport watches that are available. Even as studies show that more Americans--children and adults--are obese, studies also show more are joining catchy programs such as 10,000 Steps a Day.

Sport Watches Give Performance Feedback

Some sport watches are meant to withstand the rigors of an outdoor/beach lifestyle, such as the Freestyle line. Developed by surfers who wanted tough watches that endured harsh treatment, they came up with a classic--the Shark. The line has expanded to include fitness equipment for other sports, but the origins of this company say a lot about the quality of its products.

Heart rate monitors may appear to be wrist watches, and they are, but their main purpose is to act as receivers for detailed information about your heart's response to the stress of exercise. The transmitters are the chest straps seen on runners, although some monitors are strapless. If you need a watch, look into the tremendous variety of styles and functions you can get in addition to hour/minute/second hands.

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