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Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Timex stop watches are built into every sport watch the company makes. Whether the watch is primarily for monitoring heart rate or for calculating speed and distance, a chronograph function is one of the basics. Although technically not identical, a stopwatch and a chronograph both measure time intervals. A stopwatch is a very simple device--push a button and the watch starts, push it again and it stops.

The functions of a chronograph, however, can be incorporated into a more complex sport watch, so that interval timing is a part of Timex heart rate monitors. Measuring the time some action or event takes comes in handy. If you are on a walking or running program, you can time how long you run each day.

Timex Stop Watches Are Accurate

Timex products are high-quality, inexpensive items that are strong and rugged. Because their sport watches are meant to be used outdoors and during contact sports, they are tough while maintaining their accurate time. The chronograph function in Timex stop watches tells you when your "10-minutes-more" of basketball is up if you must get ready to go out for the evening.

You can time your child's practice sprints, your phone call to another state, and the time your cake has been in the oven. Timex stop watches and chronographs are handy because they start and stop at your command. Anything in your daily life that has a time limit--morning break, exercise machine sessions, free weight repetitions--can be measured by the convenient Timex on your wrist.

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