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Buy Treadmill Online

Written by Jill Morrison
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If you are interested in purchasing a treadmill, you should consider the option to buy treadmill online. Online stores and websites that sell fitness equipment will typically offer better deals than regular exercise equipment stores and equipment catalogs. After you buy treadmill online, you can have the treadmill sent directly to your home or business.

Options When You Buy Treadmill Online

When you are looking to buy treadmill online, there are many different companies and treadmill models to consider. Fitnex and Spirit treadmills are the most popular and high quality treadmills in the mid-range for prices. Each company offers different models of treadmills so you can find one that meets your fitness needs and budget.

Fitnex treadmills can be purchased for commercial use, or for use in your place of residence. If you purchase a Fitnex treadmill for residential use, you will have the privilege of obtaining a lifetime warranty on electronics, motor, belt, deck and frame of the treadmill. Models of Fitnex models include the T30, T40, T50 HRC, and the T60 HRC. All come equipped with various program options and the Profile Matrix LED display.

Spirit is a family owned and operated treadmill business that began in Arkansas in the 80s. They are known as the leader in product innovation in the treadmill industry. Spirit was the first company to offer a heart rate control system, PWM technology in residential treadmills, and the only company to offer the low impact Trax Flex System.

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