Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Cardiosport is a specialist in heart rate monitors, and it shows in the range of their products. Standard features include separate heart rate and stopwatch functions, protective casings on the fitness watches, and a Contour Lite strap that is designed for comfort and custom fit. A convenient feature is that the battery can be changed by the user, so down time is reduced.

This company is committed to making the best products and dispensing the latest information on exercise. Before starting an exercise program, all professionals in the health and fitness field advocate determining your fitness level and your health condition. Once the fitness level is set, you must ascertain your maximum heart rate. There are two ways to do this--a treadmill test, or with a formula.

Cardiosport Fitness Information

Generally, if you are over 35, overweight, have any health problems, or have a family history of heart disease, you should get cleared by your physician or cardiologist. For this purpose, a treadmill test is often given to see how your heart responds to the stress of exercise. Once it has been determined that you do not show any signs of heart problems, your fitness level can be pinpointed and your fitness program set up with Cardiosport heart monitors.

There is a formula that is commonly used to establish your maximum heart rate. It is simple. For sedentary, beginning exercisers, subtract your age from 220. The result is the maximum heart rate you should not exceed during exercise, which can be monitored by Cardiosport products. If you are already exercising aerobically several times a week, subtract half your age from 205.

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