Cardiosport Heart Rate Monitors

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Cardiosport heart rate monitors are the company specialty, and the monitors are varied to meet the needs of many kinds of consumers. The wrist receivers are lightweight and small, but sturdy, and are designed so an active person can easily read the feedback display. Every Contour Lite chest strap is also lightweight so as not to encumber the walker or runner; these straps are especially designed for comfort even at long distances.

All Cardiosport heart rate monitors have fitness watches that are made to the exacting standards of watchmakers. Every monitor has scratch-resistant glass or a bezel that protects the watch face from accidental scrapings or other mishaps. On the monitors that have stopwatches, the heart rate and timing functions are separate and independent of one another to avoid any possible confusion or unintentional erasing of information.

Quality Cardiosport Heart Rate Monitors

The Contour Lite strap included with each watch is contoured to get the best fit for each wearer. It is very light and user-friendly, with electrodes designed to make excellent skin contact. A big advantage is that the battery can be changed by the user, so little time is lost if the battery dies.

A distinctive benefit to using Cardio heart rate monitors is their expanded transmission range, which is very helpful when using rowing machines or some tread mills where the arms are extended. All Cardiosport heart rate monitors provide essential heart rate information with feedback details, and have stopwatch functions with time of day. The Impulse Strapless lets you exercise and monitor your heart rate without any strap at all.

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