Cateye Bike

Written by Sierra Rein
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The unique aspect behind Cateye bikes is that they are designed with many patented features that are unavailable in other marketed fitness products. For example, all Cateye bikes contain the company's patented Electromagnetic Disk Brake system, which uses an electron magnet and a microprocessor to increase or decrease the amount of resistance. In one pedal crank, the force load is distributed in an even rate throughout all 360° of rotation. This creates a consistently smooth and low-impact workout at any resistance level.

Many Cateye bike machines are equipped with patented pulsimeters that use an earlobe clip (rather than a chest strap) equipped with photo-optic transmitter/receivers. The signal is filtered in a two-stage process to create an accurate reading within two heartbeats per minute (BPM) at 200 BPM. These earlobe clips are traditionally more accurate and more comfortable than around-the-chest heart rate monitors. In addition to the pulsimeters, Cateye fitness bikes can also feature ergometers and fitness test computers to measure performance data and power endurance levels.

Another of the many user-friendly features common with most Cateye bikes is the "Data Card" system. This system allows a user to create a personalized profile and encode all of this information on a data card. The card can contain information like height, weight, age, sex, fitness and weight loss goals, and favorite workout programs (such as "hill," "interval training" and "targeted heart rate training"). Instead of re-entering this data into the machine every time it is used, a rider simply has to slide his personal data card into the system slot.

The Cateye Recumbent Bike: A Step Above Normal Fitness

For those who wish to provide themselves with a challenging yet painless way of engaging the muscle groups in the lower body, the Cateye designers created a line of recumbent ergocisers with a unique adjustable option. The seat of these machines can be vertically adjusted to a variety of different levels so the rider can work different muscles at different times. If the seat is placed in a high position, with the crank axle either level to or below the line of the hip, the rider can experience a normal workout common to other recumbent bikes. However, the seat can also be adjusted so that the hip falls below the level of the axle, giving a challenging workout to another set of muscle groups that are often neglected on regular gym bikes.

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